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Posted By Vineet Jain
Posted On 17-05-2017
Comments I have put a representation for same in CHS. I believe someone has put this up in anomaly committee of MOH&FW. Anyone else knows of anyother action, kindly share.
Posted By Dr Rajesh Jha
Posted On 26-08-2016
Comments Dear Sir, Sir, as you are aware, that the Seventh pay commission has recommended fixation for doctors receiving NPA by adding DA on NPA to the amount obtained by multiplying the applicable sixth pay basic pay by 2.57. Here, I request you to go through the following two scenarios wherein the difference in basic pay for those promoted in 2015 and those to be promoted after implementation of Seventh pay commission is demonstrated: Scenario I Promotion before January 1 2016 from E to F: Basic pay: 37400 Grade pay: 8700 Total of basic and grade pay = 37400+ 8700 = 46100 NPA = 46100 x 25% = 11525 DA on NPA @ 125% = 11525 x 125% = 14406 Basic pay as per matrix table under GP 8700 (level 13) for doctors = (46100 x 2.57) + 14406 = 132883 Fixation as per matrix table: Basic pay = 133500…………….(A) Scenario II Promotion to F grade as per Seventh pay (after January 2016) Let’s assume a basic pay of 105900 (post fixation) as on January 1 2016 for a doctor in E grade S/he is due for promotion in with effect from July 1 2016. So fixation of pay is as follows: Current basic pay: 105900 After descending one or two levels under Level 12 (GP 7600), basic pay = 109100 or 112400 Corresponding pay in Matrix under Level 13 ( GP 8700) = 118500 Therefore, basic pay on promotion = 118500……………….(B) Thus, you can see that there is a difference of Rs 15000 in basic ( A and B). If we add NPA to this basic and subsequent DA which may increase with inflation, the loss is very substantial for doctors who will be due for promotion after January 1 2016. This will affect all doctors who are in grades of C to E as on January 1, 2016. I request this discrepancy be brought to the notice of the concerned authorities.

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