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Posted On 05-01-2014
Comments Dear all, Year 2014 has commenced with a new State Government in Delhi and we read a lot about their initiatives, plans and strategies to empower the common man. The latest message board is on this very theme. We invite you all to give your suggestions on whether the health system needs an overhaul and if yes what it would be. Regards, -Secretary DADWA
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Posted On 23-11-2011
Comments Dear Dr. Bajaj, my sincere apologies for delay in updates. Primary cause is lack of news. Burden of duties has increased on me but probably it does not matter much; If there are news and events, I tend to update message board quickly. Nevertheless your suggestion is well-taken -Dr. Vijay Rai
Posted By skbajaj
Posted On 06-11-2011
Comments pl update your site on a regular basis say every saturday rather than irregularly doing so. Thatway ppl will visit it regularly and will be updated till previous week.You can always flash any important news midweek as well.
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Posted On 20-08-2011
Comments 1. Dr. Dewan's observations merit attention. But if were to see objectively it the result of lopsided planning, ignoring the professionals views in planning and political muscle decides which area a health project would come. Answer is adherence to the national health policy, good planning, performacne budgeting and efficient implementation of the plan. The thinking in some sectors of the government that private sector is the answer to all ills in health serctor to me is suicidal. 2. We have taken note of Dr. Arun's suggestion. We also have reasons to believe that someone played mischief and we took corrective action. In a forum like this there are always some tradeoffs. Our beliefs in this blog are strong enough to tackle the fake Dr. Aruns :) But we will take more care.
Posted By d k dewan
Posted On 08-08-2011
Comments As a concerned medical professional some issues need to be highlighted in futuristic perspectives: 1. Huge patient loads in hospitals/ primary facilities akin to an unmanageable railway platform . This is true even at CGHS hospitals ( & even at most private hospitals) 2.Huge crowds/traffic on the roads almost a 24x7 reality all over Delhi ( with attendant health hazards) 3. Any natural disaster/calamity would bring unimaginable catastrophe as nothing ( medical care) would be easy to administer ( despite best arrangements in hospitals)
Posted On 07-08-2011
Comments I think certain measures should be taken to prevent any unscrupulous element posting their views on this forum in the name of other members as it seems has happened presently as some body has posted on 4.8.11 in my name. I don't know whether he also has the same name as me. There are some suggestions: 1. Only the members should be allowed to express their view . For it a membership no. may be allotted to all the members and it must be mentioned while posting any view. 2. However non-members can view the posts. 3. The views may be published after verifying the identity of the members by way of email address, phone no. (and of course member ship no.) and should be published in their own real names. 4. List of members should available on the site. 5. If possible the content of the letter should not be changed. Let the other members comment on the views. 6. If the contents are such that as can not be published at all, the letter should not be published and may be return back with remarks. However it will not happen once the identity of the writer is confirmed. Please note that ours is the democratic country and freedom of expression is essential part of democracy. Very soon we are going to celebrate 64th Independence day. We can not achieve real freedom unless we express our views with boldness, without any fear and also without any malafide intention. With Regards.
Posted By Vijoy Kumar
Posted On 21-07-2011
Comments We are observed some peculiar comments wherein it is being suggested that irrespective of seniority persons should be given positions in management based on other criteria. People seem to have forgotten that in the past, posts of Medical Superintendents were 'SOLD' to junior persons because of this convenient argument. Opinion of some doctors stated here is dangerous as a situation will arise where a junior will be writing the ACR of a seniors, which is not seen in any other service. What if a junior considered more efficient because of his ability to -do 'ji hajoori" only. The silent majority knows and has witnessed instances in the past. Let seniority not be disturbed in any circumstances and if the government is so keen about some particualr officer, it can give an out of turn promotion or hold DPC to prmote them but principle of seniority should not be diluted in larger interest of all.
Posted By Dr. Rajesh Kr
Posted On 16-07-2011
Comments Dr. Dewan could you tell why you want to stop DADWA from advising the new minsiter about DHS formation. After all Rules of DHS have come up only after DADWA took it up at a large scale and government had to agree.
Posted By Admin
Posted On 10-03-2011

Dear Dr. Dewan and Dr. Arun,

Thanks for your suggestions to DADWA especially the one at sr. no.2. The delegation of DADWA made a sincere and forceful presentation and results are for you to see and comment.

Kindly see the latest update on our message board.


Posted On 01-03-2011
Comments WELL WRITTEN (specially the point no. 2). If it were possible that right person was at right place and there were a mechanism to identify them, there would not have any problem.
Posted By dharmendra kumar dewan
Posted On 18-02-2011

As mentioned in last message by DADWA, my sincere suggestions (without any malice to any one):

1. DADWA should refrain from suggesting anything to the new Minister that impedes the cadre formation.

2. We should welcome selection by merit and seniority in all responsible positions keeping in view knowledge, aptitude, qualification(s), and experience etc. which are very important aspects in management positions & mere seniority does not bestow all these virtues automatically

3.Our profession needs to re-gain its lost glory & for that to happen, depoliticizing issues is required & not politicizing All the best.

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