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Posted On 07-08-2011
Comments I am very much dismayed at the 'edited' version of my post appeared on 2.8.11. I was never happy with the advertisement of any post with same nature of duties, qualification and even the pay but with different designation. This post is totally in contradiction of my original views which I posted on this forum. I have always wanted a single cadre so that working atmosphere is not vitiated. Kindly remove this post.
Posted By arun
Posted On 02-08-2011
Comments The court need to be convinced that in any service all members have to have equal chances of career progression mere desigantion should not make any difference. Differential treatment of three types of specialistst and GDMO's is an anomaly of n the system aimed to divide the doctors. In the past a large number of specialists had joined as medical officers and they lost seniority in the process of change over withing the same service. But I was happy to note that in the recent advertisement in newspaper for recruitment of doctors under NRHM there are vacancies for "specialists" and "PG medical officers' in the same discipline with same consolidated pay! Is the government trying to improve its image?
Posted By pankaj juneja
Posted On 01-03-2011
Comments Regularisation of contract doctors will definitely solve their problem but can lead to other problems also. Unfortunately the higher authorities instead of developing a result based work culture in the Govt. institutions, it is following the policy of "divide and rule" which is causing bitterness among colleagues and vitiating working atmosphere. It can thus benefit the vested interests and crate a situation where an undeserving person can reach a higher position ignoring talenta and sincerety.
Posted By Dr Naresh Goel
Posted On 28-02-2011
Comments CCL should be for all..I mean regular and contract & male and female as child care is as much a male responsibility and need to be promoted more..
Posted By pankaj juneja
Posted On 27-02-2011

It is true that there should not be any discrimination between two persons just on the basis of terms of employment when the employing body is same and the nature of work is also same. But what about other aspects. A junior specialist joins just after finishing the residency and the very next day he/she starts disregarding his colleagues based on caste-lines perpetrated by the vested interests. Ironically these youngsters are deliberately being tutored by some vested interests in some organizations for this deviant behaviour while in Medical colleges we have practiced to respect our seniours even if by one year.

Such elements especially if they are mediocres do not hesitate in uttering non-sense like "all GDMOs should be posted in dispensaries.

All appointment in a cadre should be with one designation as we have in Army and Railways and then functional differentiation may take place. This would help doctors to have a sense of unity among themselves and behave as one profession. We should not believe in pseudo- labels and disregard qualification and experience of our colleagues if we want to progress.

If we don't then no one should talk about exploitation or harassment due to any factor as the exploiter is wanting such behaviour.

Posted By v kumar
Posted On 24-02-2011

if govt. regularise all  contractual doctors,  soon all the problems will resolve automatically.

Posted By pankaj
Posted On 14-02-2011

I tend to disagree with the sentiments expressed by Dr Dharmendra Dewan. The Child care leave is granted to all regular female employees of independent of any particular class of employees. Comparison with regular doctors alone is not appropriate as it might be interpreted as conflict among Doctors. There is no doubt that all contractual doctors should get this leave benefit like any other class of employees. It is to be noted that the benefit is being denied due to policy of the government and not by the local administration of the department concerned.

Posted By Admin
Posted On 11-02-2011
Comments Both the views are a sad commentary on the state of affairs in Delhi for one the most qualified among the civil servants who impart one of the essential services to the citizen of Delhi. It is sadder that this is happening despite the the decision of the Govt. to have one service viz. Delhi Health Service for all doctors. DADWA will take this up with the Govt. along with other issues pertaining to service doctors.
Posted By dharmendra kumar dewan
Posted On 09-02-2011
Comments Consider the following scenerios: 1. A GDMO(Regular) in a hospital avails CCL for 6 months at a stretch & again goes on same leave after only a gap of 3 -5 months while very senior ( professionally) specialist in the same hospital havinga very genuine reason for applying for similar leave only for 1 month is denied the same by the same administration because this specialist is 'on contract'!. The very concept of CCL to females gets blatantly violated by admin ( & also exploited by some individuals who know only to take job benefits by hook or by crook, without even bothering about their duties to patients) . It is another matter that so many other discrimination also are meted out to 'on contract' doctors. Similar examples abound in all institutions. Policies & Governance are at fault. 2.Newly constructed hospitals today are ill maintained & full of unhealthy corridors, wards, poorly sanitized, but when it comes to costltlies of medicines & equipments they are available in same dirty hospitals. Health giving place becomes health compromising place for the involved doctors & staff because management/governance is defective. A doctor who gives her/his best services doesn't get enabling environment. We as a 'body' need to take up such issues rather than discussing 6th pay commission till eternity
Posted By doc
Posted On 31-01-2011
Comments dear friends, it is very hard to believe also that the maternity benefits to doctors has been reduced to mere 2 months. we are expected to teach the parents and society the benefits of exclusive breast feeding for six months but in reality we doctors ourselves are not been allowed to  follow the same.

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