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Posted By Admin
Posted On 05-10-2014
Comments Dr. Vijay Gupta and Dr. Rajiv have made some very pertinent observations and comments. The transfer of MS of DDUH recently is reportedly due to a report by some inspecting non-medical officer that the toilets were not clean. The message is that the government has taken action. The corollary is that whenever there is anything wrong in an institution then change its head. Lets look at this from another angle. H&FW Department took a decision to appoint someone as MS but he failed. Is it not the failure of H&FW Dept.? If yes then the Secretary should be changed. If there is a single case of fake drugs being detected in market then the drugs controller should go. If there is a single case of food adulteration then the Director PFA should go. But we are witnessing that bureaucracy follows some different principles. Such an approach is not sustainable in the changing times. We would hope that such unfortunate instances would not repeat. But it is incumbent upon the affected officers that they react to such insults and do not take things lying down.
Posted On 29-08-2014
Comments I am writing on the subject of frequent change of medical superintendent of hospitals. I feel whenever a new medical superintendent is appointed in any hospital it should be for a minimum prescribed period ... say, one year with the provision that during this period he would not be removed or transferred from his post on some minor issue unless of course there are serious charges against him. A newly appointed leader needs time to build a good team and even more time to effect changes in the system or the institution. Further, frequent replacements speak poorly of the planning. There is no certainty that one replacement will be better than another unless enough time has been given to one.
Posted By Dr. Rajiv Gupta
Posted On 25-08-2014
Comments I have heard that Dr. Bharat Singh MS DDU Hospital has been transferred because some joint secretary or SDM found hospital unclean. Is this is proper? Is MS responsible for cleaning and not for running the medical services? If the government can do this to the head of institution what can it do to others. If this is the status of one of the senior most doctors what is the point of doctors being regularized in DHS?
Posted By dharmendra kumar dewan
Posted On 03-12-2008

 1.It is really a concern that quality compromise in services due to considerations other than MERIT has affected all walks of life with resultant systems failures as seen in Mumbai & other places. Merit does not depend  also on whether one is or one is not UPSC qualified, as, such institutions themselves are not above board in the present scenerio. 

3. In case of medical professionals UPSC does not validate the qualification of the candidate ( WHICH IS VALID ANYWAY!)while in case of IAS or similar other non technical services entry in the job directly depends on passing it.  

2. Kudos to the association of DADWA for being in the policy group on the DHS rules formation ( as mentioned in the home page) but would it not be  proper to suggest  to Mr Balachandran, the inclusion of two or three representatives from the Ad-hoc MOs/Specialists also in this excercise by the Secretariat. It is important to bring transperency, confidence & professional bonhime while at the same time involvement of all the affected stakeholders uniformily

Posted By Admin
Posted On 02-12-2008
Comments DADWA is on record in its GBM as well as on this website that it does not support the policy of the Govt. to appoint doctors on contract and/or ad-hoc basis. DADWA supports the regularization process within the framework of existing rules and as per the orders of the courts from time to time. DADWA appeals the members not to pass any judgments on any group or individuals as it would not serve any purpose. -Secretary DADWA
Posted By dharmendra kumar dewan
Posted On 11-11-2008

1. It is well documented that before the adhoc /contract appointments were done by the State Govt 11 years ago, UPSC & even GOI had given a go ahead in view of its inability to provide the large numbers required. 

2.Work output study of Contractual Specialists/MOs in hospitals & the UPSC MOs/Specialists if done by some independent body, may bring out startling revelations in favor of the former(in the present scenerio-- due towho cares approach! in the latter )

3. It is not clear yet what is the stand DADWA is taking in regard to regularization of Contract doctors.This is all the more important in the light of the SLP of UPSC ( as mentioned in this site itself)

4. The  harrasment & discrimination of the contract doctors by regular UPSC colleagues must stop forthwith if professional dignity is to be maintained. It is more glaring when such regular officers with administrative powers start making their own rules to the further detriment of the Contract officers

5. Finally, the comment of one colleague in this column, very rightly mentions that it is NOT the fault of some one who joined on Contract. Even ESI, NDMC recruits its doctors without UPSC & these doctors are on equal footings with the regular. Then why discriminate here? 


Posted By reddisrinivas
Posted On 04-10-2008
Comments AS on today constitutional body for recruitment of doctors to Delhi administration  is UPSC.Let Delhi have its own service commission .LET it frame its own rules for recruitment.I HAVE already told that to close down UPSC, LETS  leave all recruitment to officials ,so that all appointments are at the whims and fancies of officials. JUST because one is not selected ,it does not mean he should go back to college to write final year examination.THERE should be some yard stick for selection.presently it is done by  upsc.wheather it is100% perfect or not  no body can say.But if it is left to officials it is  100%imperfect . only persons with influence and etc ,get selected.THIS is the present scene of regularised doctors of CHS/RAILWAYS OR DELHI administation-no  open advt .was given  when adhoc doctors were recruited.
Posted By arun
Posted On 02-10-2008
Comments 1. UPSC is not a qualifying body, it simply select doctors for the Govt or any other semi Govt. bodies who ask for that. If a doctor is not selected by UPSC may be selected in NDMC, ESI etc. It doesn't mean that he is less qualified and should go back to university and reappear in final year examination. I think we should do away with this partisan ideology. 2. Why didn't we object when the Govt. take different route or open OTHER DOORS for appointment for the posts which have similar nature of duty. Why didn't UPSC objected the opening of the 'Next door or the back door' for the same job for which it has been given the contract and for which its front door are open. 3. Why didn't the appointing authorities advertise these posts thru UPSC? And if such appointments are wrong than who is at fault, THE GOVT. or the hapless job seekers? If you were at their position what would have you done? 4. YES, this multiple categorisation (rather castism) of ourselves which has nothing to do with our qualifications is causing lot of problems. But instead of having a strong foot in Govt. to oppose these divisive policies right at the beginning ( Which we have not done so far) we are indulging in squabble among ourselves thus spreading the unnecessary spurn to vitiate the working environment. No body will win in this tug of war!
Posted By Dr.N.Varma
Posted On 02-10-2008

Hello Friends, I do not agree with comments from Dr. is disappointing to see how some of our brothers are casting aspersions on their own colleagues' abilities despite their having gone thru the rigors of studies  n training and service with them for more than 10 yrs. I do not like the tag 'back door entry'. May I state that these (ad-hoc) appointments were not to made to CADRED posts, without framed RR's, and hence the question of so called FRONT ..ROYAL door doesn't arise at all. so there was only 1 specified door ..the frontdoor.(for a back door there has to be a frontdoor 1st)...secondly now after having recognised their services the Govt. of Delhi wants to induct them into its very OWN CADRE (DHS) a POLICY matter then wats the Fuss..would it not be hypocritical of any1 who goes against the govts. policy when we hav in our country reservations based on caste , creed , and economic grounds..then why not .WORK..which they hav been doing for more than a decade...Do you think that the Govt. is not responsible enough to subject its populaces health to the sure sir let us rise above the TRIVIA..and help govt. build up its infrastructure.."let justice be done to the ad-hoc injustice could only beget further injustice.."

With Kind Regards to All

Posted By Dr. Vikram
Posted On 01-10-2008
Comments Well I am not from Delhi Govt but issues are same for all doctors in CHS. I am in CGHS and there is same fight......regular, regularised and adhoc. UPSC conducted exam and interview for these adhoc doctors but only few of them managed to clear that and they deserve it too. UPSC droped the bar but still there were few who could not manage to clear. UPSC still drop the bar but of no use. Do you think they should be regularised? And given all the seniority, posted as MS and CMO I/c over and above you. Well they all went to SC and those who were regularised got there seniority where as view of the UPSC was that regularised doctors will not be given administrative post. Still few doctors who are not yet able to clear the bar fighting case in SC that they be regularised and given all benefit!!!!! Should they be given what they demand? But the worst is when our court will decide in favour or against these doctors.....after their retirement?
Posted By reddisrinivas
Posted On 29-09-2008
Posted By DR.Reddi srinivas
Posted On 18-09-2008
Comments NO ,doctor is against regularisation of adhoc doctors.BUTtheproblem is after regularisation the problem of seniority starts.seniority    shouldstart from the date of regularisation.see what is happening  In CHS.PROMOTION  TO SAG  are held up because of regularised doctors. ADHOC appointments are made at whims and fancies of officials.  FRIEND BACK DOOR of pass port is different. Here we have constitutional body like  upsc for recruitment it has not closed its  frontdoor for recruitment. There should be some logic if we  arediscussing any issue. IF there is no  requirement of upsc close down UPSC.leave recreuitment to officials so that all entries are by back door only. see the confusion in CHS /RAILWAYS  THERE are three catogery of doctors -UPSC RECRUITED DOCTORS ,,,-2.COURT REGULARISED DOCTORS .,,,--3.  ADHOC DOCTORS RECRUITED BY UPSC at later date then date of joining adhoc service-regularised by court. SEE THE CONFUSIN now tell me who is senior among them.SCRATCH YOUR HEAD. IF ANY HAIR IS REMAINING  then lets us discuss.
Posted By XYZ
Posted On 17-12-2007

Note to Dr. XYZ: This mail is anonymous. It is published but with some edit for brevity. It is requested  that the member may please be brief and identify themselves.  - Secretary DADWA:

The above well worded views of Dr Arun  expressed from the point of view of the contract doctors no doubt rightly direct sympathies to their valid concerns.

As an addendum, let me present another scenario: of the doctors who are regular medical officers but unfortunately possess a  post graduate degree. They are discriminated against all specialists (regular and adhoc alike). They perform both general duties as well as specialist duties. Their specialization is remembered maximally when there is a crisis When they ask for an experience certificate they are doled out a useless format saying so & so has worked in such & such a hospital at such & such a pay scale since ___ . Work and conduct is satisfactory. No routine mention is made of specific departmental experience.  

But isnt it high time that we doctors unite as a group and stop discriminating among ourselves.

Posted By ARUN
Posted On 05-12-2007

An old man wanted to unite his always fighting sons to get the lost reputation of the family back. He laid the foundation to construct a house so that all his sons could live together with united strength so to get the respect and regard of the society. He draw the building plan of the house to provide appropriate space to each of them without any bias. But the sons in order to show superiority over each other wanted to extend their given portions inappropriately which the weak foundation could not bear and the building collapsed before  it could be completed. The slightly well off sons were not so affected but their poor younger brother i.e. contract (adhoc medical officers) who got some hope of getting shelter became homeless again.

Since 1991, service doctors have quarrelled over pseudo labels as MO, specialists (non-teaching and teaching), regular, regularised, adhoc etc. without giving respect to our basic qualification and status as a whole and unsuccessfully trying to find the way through the maze of  the rules and regulations in respect of these pseudo labels without realising that even the one who made these labels and the rules never bother to know their meaning, purpose and implications. Our present behaviour on 'stage' has just amused the director sitting behind the curtain or the spectators sitting in front of us. And if I am not wrong we are slowly being stripped of our power, status and administrative control on ourselves and society. 

Recently homeopathic medical officers appointed by the Delhi Govt. have been promoted to SMO after 4-5yrs of service. The poor adhoc medical officers working for the last 10-11 yrs seeing 250 to 350 times more patients than seen by their counter part homeopathic doctors in the same dispensary, facing the wrath of public as well as their elder brothers  even do not get the pay in time for the want of continuation of service from time to time. 

In my view

1. A doctor is a doctor whether he comes through UPSC or  through interview as in ESI, NDMC. Unlike administrative services where a person after selection perform different type of duties irrespective of his qualification, a doctor perform same nature of duties whether selected through UPSC or not. Yes, after selection through UPSC you are bound by certain rules which give you certain privileges but also discriminate you from your fellow colleagues where you rip about and cry for the weight of the qualification only. Then how these rules of game are different for the contract appointees.

2. The Delhi health services are expanding and there is acute shortage of manpower. They are opening new dispensaries and hospitals without any provision of manpower. Still they require a no. of doctors beside paramedical staff to run the even existing health facilities. Instead of taking doctors through proper channels with proper prior planning, they resort to such measures as contract appointment. Then what is the fault of the needy doctors who join these service. Even you and I were in their place would have done the same. This type of appointment erode the structure of the service and it should have been resisted there and than it self. But unfortunately we do not wake up in time. As it happened when junior specialist were being appointed. But instead of fighting for the cause of 'doctor in service' so that there should be no exploitation and  discrimination among the doctors, we are giving weight to our labels.

3. If in a passport office the main front door is closed due to any reason and to cater the long queue standing outside, a  door on the back side is opened, will all the passports made through this back door be rendered invalid? The same is with this adhoc appointment. No body ask the name of the culprit who closed the front door and opened the back door. It is the needy one who after giving 10 yrs of best parts of their life in service are still without future.

I hope my views do not offend any body, but if they do even if it offends somebody I apologize.

-Dr. Arun

Posted By Doctor
Posted On 20-10-2007

Dr Arun

     Your examples and comments are really apt and note-worthy. They truely describe the situation we are in/ and quicksand we stepping into.









Posted On 16-10-2007
what is a difference between Dr ABC who joined as GDMO and worked as GDMO for few yrs and the same doctor ABC who is now specialist?    Has he got any additional qualification or was he less qualified earlier?              Everybody knows that becoming a specialist depend upon the availability of the posts which is very erratic.         Some times there are no posts for yrs togather and sometimes the no. of posts are more than the no. of applicants.       Then how can some claim superiority of one cadre over the other. 
     I really wonder and rather got upset when same people among us criticise DANICS/IAS with broad mouth.       If it is all with labels only then we should not have objection if they(DANICS) are trying to become our head.      And anyway the age old Panchtantra tale of two cats and one monkey always hold true.   ( in one such hospital in west delhi all the files pertaining to doctors are already going through one DANICS). 
I do not know when will we be sufficiently mature enough to discard our short term  interests and to looks things at a broader perspective?   
Posted On 11-10-2007

Dear Sir,

Regarding comments of Dr Mongia that No GDMO should be MS of any hospital should not be taken as affornt but as constructive suggestion that all medical superintendents of all hospital should be leaders in their respective fields whether GDMO or Specialist or Even teaching speacilist.we all know there are our brother,s in service whether GDMO OR SPECILIST who do not deserve to be there but system tolerates them.Let us be self critical when it is question of treating our illness do we consider whether we have to go to GDMO,Specialist.We even go to quakes if we think he can deliver the goods.hence if we are not selfish or short sighted we will support efficiency rather than mediocracy.hence there is need to realign health services even at senior level.I invite every bodies attention to advertisement today for registrars for two medical colleges where there is reservation of 50% for fresher's and 50% reservation for srvice candidates(Read GDMO)as there is no other cadre except those who are graduates and those who are postgraduates.they have thought of those who enter race later on in life..but they also appear for common test.It works well for Himachal pradesh.If destiny has given us chance to rectify faults please rectify them.otherwise fight amongst yourselves ,get degrades professionally as well.

DR Handoo

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