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Posted On 16-09-2014
Comments Dear Dr. Mayank, We do not know if you are a member of DADWA but we feel that the questions that you have raised do concern our members also. The issues that you have raised fall within the purview of the State government. There are instances where states have reserved PG seats for service candidates; sometimes to encourage doctors doing duties in difficult areas and so on. Take example of Delhi Cabinet that allowed 100% reservation to Army college of Medical Sciences, Dhaula Kuan even though when Delhi students had the disadvantage of having few medical colleges. So everything is possible in our democracy. -Secretary DADWA
Posted By Dr.mayank badola
Posted On 02-09-2014

uttrakhand has no provision for providing 3 years study leave for doctors neither they have been able to provide fair chance of pg to even docs who have worked for 10 years or more.lot of docs have left service as their right to pay protection and protection of seniority was not ensured by the state govt. Your information and suggestions will go a long way in formulation of our state policy for in service pg for allopathic govt doctors of uttrakhand. Kindly let me know the following and if possible kindly attach the relevant documents 1. Is there any provision to give post graduate degree in your state for a MBBS govt. Doctor? 2. If yes then after how many years of service he can apply for P.G.? 3. Is there a fair selection criteria for getting govt. Sponsored pg? i.e. How are candidates selected? 4. Do the govt. Sponsored medical officers get full pay and allowances along with protection of promotion and seniority during study period ? 5. Do medical officer get M.D. as well as diploma courses? 6. What about medical officers who clear an entrance exam on their own and get admitted to 3 years M.D. courses after 5 years of service. Does the state government give them leave for 3 years and protection of pay and seniority like central government? 7. Are there any cases pending in the court that you know of .....where doctors were denied pay protection and seniority while on study leave? 8. Have any efforts been made by doctor unions in case the state government rules don’t allow for 3 years leave to pursue a MD course by inservice candidate and for protection of pay and seniority ? 9. Is there any way by which a govt doctor is benefitted by doing pg while in service in form of increments or special allowances? 10. Do you think government should sponsor candidate for in service 3 years M.D. degrees ?how? Kindly attach the relevant documents ,your name, designation ,phone number and email to

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Posted On 26-09-2013

Dear Dr. Patil,

Service of five years is the eligibility to get study leave for pursuing PG. The candidate has to take competitive examination for his/her Selection. There is no prescribed quota or number for such cases. I agree this is a weak area and a lot of push and pull go on in this arena.

-Secretary DADWA

Posted By DR K.S.PATIL
Posted On 24-09-2013
Comments sir after 5 year of services how many people will get chances of getting pg.. mean out of 10 people how many get chances.. please email me.. thanks
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Posted On 19-03-2011

Dear Dr.Arun, your views have been edited as they were too long. Most of the suggestions made by you are contained in the news room section of this website in news ID 20 of 2007 .

Please note that unfairness that you mention has injected into the system to divide CHS docotrs after 1991 strike. It has been used to please one section at the cost of others and giving nothing in the end to anyone.

Please recall that CHS Association of DDUH wanted DADWA to demand something for PG Medical  Officers in 2007-08 and DADWA wanted to focus on forcing govt. to make proper rules of service for DHS. In the committee of GNCTD under Mr. Balachandran, then Spl. Secretary (H&FW) DADWA and non-teaching sepcialist officers association were present. Mr. Anil Kumar Dy.Secretary CHS and the non-teaching specialist members from DDUH wanted the differences to continue on CHS pattern and Mr. Balachandran agreed due to division. 

We know that ultimately GNCTD did nothing for anyone and tried to cap the promotions of both specialists and GDMO's to NFSG level only. Luckily people did not opt for DHS without proper service rules or else even SAG would have been missed. 

We have to think broad with a problem solving attitude for a proper reformbefore we approach the bureacracy. I am grateful to you for raising right concern.

-Dr. Vijay Rai, Secretary 

Posted By arun kumar
Posted On 18-03-2011

Sir, KINDLY READ THIS CIRCULAR dated the 11 June, 2010 of MOHFW, GOI Reg. : Guidelines for referrals to CGHS empanelled hospitals in CGHS cities outside Delhi, where there are no Central Government hospitals.

The important part is

"... that it has come to notice that CGHS beneficiaries residing in cities covered by CGHS (outside of Delhi) are facing difficulties in getting services of specialists .....

After careful consideration it has been decided to issue the following guidelines :

(1) CGHS beneficiaries must compulsorily be referred to polyclinics wherever set up by the CGHS; (2) It posts of specialists are lying vacant in polyclinics, GDMOs, who are post graduates may be posted in polyclinics for consultation, and on the basis of the advice / opinion to be tendered by them, CMO i/c, AD / JDs may refer patients to private empanelled hospitals and diagnostic centres, according to the choice of the beneficiary; (3) In those cities which do not have polyclinics and if GDMOs who are post graduates are available, their services as specialist may be utilised and patients may be referred to the dispensary in which such PG GDMOs are posted or if space is available in a centrally located dispensary, the PG GDMOs may be posted there; ..."


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Posted On 13-12-2008
Comments Dear Dr. Dewan, Appointments of doctors and officials under NRHM Societies are not same as Govt. service. They are contractual and only for the concerned Society which is an entity like an individual and GFR do not apply. Thus these two situations of service are not comparable. Any appointment on contract is temporary and this should is not the regular mechanism for entry into Govt. service. With your logic IAS Officers can also on appointed on contract as as MBA's may do a better job in their place. I think within our lifetimes this situation might come. Today's news item in TOI regarding recommendations of the Administrative reforms commission is noteworthy. DADWA feels that DOPT norms for service in Govt. should be followed for all appointments in Govt. service. -Secretary DADWA
Posted By dharmendra kumar dewan
Posted On 10-12-2008

1.Under the NRHM of GOI, contractual appointments of doctors, finance manager, statistical officers etc, only are being encouraged, simultaneously  according them with financial & even administrative powers. So the old belief that it is the regular/UPSC officer only who can be empowered, is no longer tenable, GFR not withstanding.

2. Views & concerns of some of the Contractual colleagues on the delays in salary release, getting the periodic extensions etc, seem all genuine & need systemic remedy. As a start the regular empowered colleagues should ensure sending the Job satisfactory certificate to the Sectretariat well before the term expires rather than waiting each time for a reminder from the secretariat. This little sensitivity on our part will ward off a  big load of humiliations & injury to self esteem & dignity suffered by some very senior, capable, efficient & dedicated contract doctors working selflessly for years. 

3. If the administration of the site examines the various comments in various sub-subjects it becomes clear that bringing too many issues at different times is only hampering the process of DHS cadre formation primarily to the detriment of the Contract MOs & Specialists.Let the govt. act on its own rather than any group interfering at each & every step. Regular doctors  always have the option of staying  in CHS instead of opting for the DHS if it is less than attractive. Surely no group should have the right to have the cake & eat it too! . Contract doctors have only one option (of DHS). Delhi govt's priority is to provide adqeuate manpower to the new health facilities created in the recent years. Surely a contract doctor who has put in 10 years of service can not be made to accept the job afresh losing all seniority!. Bringing Court orders to the fore now knowing fully well that Cabinet Bill had already been passed for regularisation of these doctors, is not desirable at this stage. This way no movement is possible.

4. Please we all need to examine the issues holistically & in larger professional perspective. Is it not incomprehensible that 6th pay benefits have not been received by many of the Contractual colleagues ( including their extension after September 2008!) & yet they are working relentlessly?

5. There is a lot to be sacrificed in life by all but never ethics. All types of persons exist (both in regular & contract) who may not be fully justifying their work & yet the sufferers only happen to be from the latter group!

   please take these thoughts as reflections built over time without any personal animosity to any one & therefore no one should feel hurt.

Posted By Admin
Posted On 02-10-2008

Dr. Arun, Thanks for your suggestion  We will try and trim this column appropriately.

Still most doctors are not providing their correct email ID's or give fictitious names. I fail to see what they fear. Lets hope this will change.

Secretary DADWA

Posted On 03-08-2008
Comments Dear Sir, As one can observe that this site is not updated very frequently and is not acting as an active forum where the members are exchanging their views frequently, giving valuable suggestions, updating oneself with the latest development and giving boost to the leaders working for them. There are few suggestions to make this site more useful:- 1. It should be updated more frequently. 2. As I suggested earlier that instead of giving various headings to VIEWS &COMMENTS all the views and comments should come under one heading as all the topics are of concern to all of them wheather it is CHS rules, planning commission or ad hoc doctors. It takes time to click each topics and some times many of them may not have latest comments. ONE CAN KEEP ON ADDING TOPICS AND AFTER SOME TIME IT WILL BECOME IRRELEVNT TO SEE ALL THE TOPICS. 3. The recent comments should appear first as soon as you click the "views and comments". The older ones should occupy the last page. 4. Various interesting articles may be started as new rules/ judjments pertaing to the doctors, various achievements of our doctors working in the Govt. set up which get unnoticed as we do not have any PRO system and all of our public communication is through ministry only headed by not so sensetive bureaucrates and politicians. As a result the public always get a different picture and misguided by the biased media.
Posted By Navin
Posted On 24-12-2007

Note: This news article was published on 19-11-07 in HT Reg. Unified Civil Services

"There is no unanimity between different Group-A central services and associations representing the All India Service officers (IAS/IPS) on whether a Unified Civil Service will suit India better.


The Sixth Central Pay Commission had sought response from different services on the case for a unified civil service by merging all Central (both technical and non-technical) and All India Services and whether there should be two distinct streams, one embracing all technical services and another for non-technical services.


The Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise) and the Indian Information Service associations supported the idea of unified civil services.


The IRS (C&CE) in its memorandum submitted to the Sixth Pay Commission has said "The recommendations of the IRS (C&CE) is to request the Pay Commission to recommend to constitute a Unified Civil Services pool or an Integrated Management Pool, by empanelling officers from various participating Group 'A' services to fill up posts of Joint Secretaries and higher level posts in ministries/departments of the center. The Government could lay guidelines, uniform for all services and conduct a screening by the UPSC."


The Indian Information Service Group 'A' Officers' Association has responded saying "There is a case for unified civil service. All those who come through the common civil service examination conducted by UPSC, be merged to a single service. This is the first step to end disparity among services and render equal treatment to all the services."

The Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax) differs from the IRS (C&CE) on the issue.

The IRS (IT) Association has said "In the age of specialization or super-specialization, the case for a unified civil service would be difficult to support. In fact, it is more important to end the glaring inter-service disparity and monopoly of one service over senior positions irrespective of the suitability of officers of that service for the post."

The Indian Administrative and Civil Service (central) association has recommended saying "There cannot be a complete unified civil service system. in fact, such an attempt will blur the focus from the IAS."

(Published in Hindustant Times on 19/11/2007)

Posted By Admin
Posted On 30-11-2007

Dear Dr. Navin,

Please let us know the details of the news item. Write to '' We are under the impression that the commission is not taking any more inputs at this stage.

Secretary DADWA

Posted By Navin
Posted On 21-11-2007
Comments There was a news column where in Pay Commission has sought the views of different associations regarding unification of different services/ cadres. Has DADWA appraoched the Pay commission with its view.  
Posted By Doctor
Posted On 06-10-2007
Comments The issue of PG doctors was raised because they are lost somewhere in the the system.A good service shall also give impetus to non PG doctors in service who aspire for a PG degree/diploma by availing of study leave or applying as Govt. nominee in PG courses.
Posted By Admin
Posted On 06-10-2007

Dear Doctor,

Why only the aspirations of PG doctors.
We should talk about all doctors who have one thing in common, that they want un-obstructed career progression; and respect & regard at their work places.

Let's all of speak about all of us!

-Secretary DADWA

Posted By Doctor
Posted On 05-10-2007


   Now seem to be the right time to bring to the forefront, aspirations and frustrations of the post-graduate medical officers in the new, proposed and Model Health service pattern for Delhi

Posted By Navin
Posted On 15-07-2007
Comments Dear Sir, I am presently on Study Leave doing my Trauma Care Fellowship at Mumbai. I was totally ignorant about the DHS Cadre till now. I found this site extremely useful in getting the latest update on the same . You will excuse and understand that it is not possible for me to attend GBM. Can you please convey for the people like me the decision taken in the GBM . Thanks.
Posted By XYZ
Posted On 10-07-2007

I fully agree with the views expressed in the above comment by rrrr as they convey the apprehensions in the minds of GDMOs with PG qualification.  

As has been repeatedly expressed, PG GDOs are not treated at par with specialists (irrespective of whether adhoc or regular)despite their seniority and experience and in many hospitals are posted out of the department of their speciality only due to their designation. In the long run this will interfere with their prospects of getting selected for a specialist job because they would not have the necessary certificate of post PG experience in their speciality.

I wonder why then does the CHS have a provision for study leave for post graduation for GDOs??

I would request the administration to consider proposing some system of lateral entry into the specialist sub-cadre for eligible GDOs with PG qualification so that it prevents anomalies and unfairness. THis is important especially if the government considers regularization of the adhoc specialists in situ.

However the best would be to do away with sub-cadres and propose a common entry point and common promotional avenues as is being followed in the Railways and Armed Forces.

Posted By Admin
Posted On 09-07-2007

Dear rrrrrr

We have already declared that the member sending his/her views should disclsoe his/her identity. There was however substance in your views so we have published them with some editing.


Posted By rrrrrr
Posted On 06-07-2007

Regarding specialists and PG GDMOs--

In past some of the GDMO'S have joined service with PG qualification in the same scale as non-PG ones. No benefit has been given for the extra 2-3 yrs of service and training in attaining the PG qualification to these doctors even when their counterpart in specialist sub-cadre of CHS got all the benefits.

Consequently, academically senior people have become junior in job. Similarly some of the hospitals headed by specialist sub-cadre officers have put ad-hoc jr specialists above them due to vested interests. All these anamolies must go in the new Delhi Health Service or else the beneifts of DHS cadre would be lost for ever.

I propose that a PG GDO with sufficient experience (say 3-5 years) should be considered to work as a speciaist in DHS without change iof his/her seniority.

This would satisfy him professionally and would not disturb the others as the seniority queue is unaffected. It is unforutnate that several specialist officers with more than  a decade of servce as a GDO had to become junior most in the specialist sub-cadre sometimes in a lower scale; Even though the pay is protected in the lower scale they become junior to some of those who they have taught. There should be a mechanism to fix this problem in DHS.

Had there been a common entry with initial incremental/promotional benifit depending upon the qualification prehaps all these anomalies could have been removed.

Remember a doctor is a doctor, a surgeon is a  surgeon, a paediatrician is a paediatrician even if they bear different artificial labels.

EVen an MBBS doctor in the evey of civil service is a specialist as compared to other services like IAS and IPS which are generlist servives. Since he is not getting his due, he/she is not getting the status that is due to them. I appeal that we should raise ourselves above all petty differences and plan the DHS as as a whole. Remember, what we do today would be faced by our next generation as well.


Posted By Admin
Posted On 06-07-2007

Dear Dr. Arun,

I appreciate the actions taken by you all in the past. But uou need not sit back passively; rather remind the Govt./office of HM of your representations in the past.  Endorse a copy to DADWA as well so that we can also follow.

DADWA's committee on DHS has met few times in recent past and shorly we would be having a meeting of our steering committee on the subjec. One of our primary focus is to make DHS fair to all. Then only the doctors would be able to sit and think together. In fact DADWA is seriously considering that services rendered by a specialist officer of CHS as a GDMO in the same service is presently being ignored and consequenly a large number of them have lost seniority. These are matters that affect our day to day functioning and vitiate the atmosphere.

Similarly DHS as a cadre should utilize the services of both MBBS and PG docotrs in the best possible way without prejudice. That would go a long way in all of us behaving and thinking like one cadre. We have to fight thepolicy of "divide and rule"

Dr. Navin may please note that DGHS post is being proposed by DADWA for Delhi under DHS.

-Seceretay DADWA

Posted By Navin
Posted On 04-07-2007
Comments Does DHS Cadre involves creation of post of Director General , who will helm of all affairs of doctors , technically in DHS
Posted On 03-07-2007

On the issue of  appointment of the junior speciatlists on contract our association was also activated.  All the PG GDMO applied for the posts but our applications were rejected as  we were asked to resign from our present posts for applying for the contract job. Even we were prepared to go to court on that issue but the results were not our favour as the issue got divereted as we perhaps challenged the policy of contract appointment it self.

The appointment of any employee is the subject matter of the employer. We should have stressed on our own interest only which was sabotaged due to appointment of contract specialists as if those posts were advertised through UPSC we all would have got the chance of getting that.

We met the then health minister Dr A. K. Walia and apprised him of our agony. He also agreed and even surprised when he come to know that a PG GDMO remain GDMO and may never become specialist. Our request was that instead of appointing them as "specialist" they may be appointed as "medical officers" as it would have not affected our 'seniority'.

In one of the meeting with the then secretary medical Mr Chandermohan we proposed our plan of the unified cadre as there were talks of formation of Delhi Health Cadre. He listened it carefully. We proposed that there should be a common entry for all the doctors. Those who are PG degree holders may be given 3 increments simultaneously or may be directly promoted to SMO, those with diploma may be given 2 promotions so that there would be no anomalies.   He asked if supposed he needed radiologists and no radiologist qualified the common entrance then what to be done. We replied that in that case a separate adv. can be put in the news paper  for the radiologists only and he may be directly taken in the SMO scale without affecting the seniority. He was some what convienced and asked us to present that in draft form.

This is an irony of our system that the PG GDMO who are working in the hospitals or polyclincs and rendering specialised services of their fields and benifitting the patients but are not recognised as specialists just due to different labellings. 


Posted By d k dewan
Posted On 12-06-2007

I am tempted to suggest:

1 Ask for a high Health Coverage/Risk coverage as a professional compensation

2 High LIFE

Posted By Admin
Posted On 07-06-2007

We will take this up in our meetings with the govt. about DHS


Posted By XYZ
Posted On 06-06-2007
Comments What will happen to the pending promotions of CHS officers who will opt for DHS. If an officer has completed the stipulated years to earn a time bound promotion, will he get the benefit effective from back date after he joins DHS.
Posted By XYZ
Posted On 02-06-2007

This is just to reiterate the views expressed by some of my colleagues in this forum regarding the plight of Medical Officers with PG degree of which I too am one.

We are not treated well by our own colleagues.  We perform  specialist duty, administrative duties and other general duties including Casualty etc. Our merit/ abilities/ efficiency/ seniority/ experience etc. are taken for granted and not rewarded in general. 

And the worst part is that this unfair treatment is meted out to us by members of our own CHS cadre.

I would be keen to know if the DHS service conditions would be fair to all members? Is DADWA or other associations going to consider these while proposing a model for  DHS to the Govt. Who will advise our own administrators to take be fair in administrative matters and issues of seniority etc.

Posted By Dr. Manoj Kumar
Posted On 22-05-2007
Comments as per the GFR, only gazetted officer can excercise the power of Admnistative as well as Financial Power. Adhoc Doctors are not gazetted Officers. If some one is excercisng financial ppwers, it must be informed to the services/Finance Dept. and controller of finance immeditely.
Posted By Admin
Posted On 21-05-2007

a. Dear 'not known': It is true that ad-hoc doctors are not responsible for their ad-hocism; but they can not decide to give duties to themselves. The responsibility to give them right or wrong duty rests squarely on the authority concerned. The guiding principle is "ad-hoc appointee is appointed for a purpose; duties have to be in line with that purpose"

b. Dear Dr. Kapoor: Please refer to our message board. The delay in notification seems to be due to two reasons. First that the HM has asked H&FW Dept. to extend last date 'till the service conditions of DHS are notified'. Second reason is the efficiency and alertness of H&FW Dept. in implementing its own decisions (about which DADWA does not wish to comment)


Posted By Dr.KAPOOR
Posted On 20-05-2007
Comments Why so much delay in notification for extention of date for seeking option.
Posted By
Posted On 19-05-2007
Adhoc system was started by govt and adhoc drs didnot opted for it
now that they r working since 5 to 7 years at the same level and with the same responsibilities and hence they can be given administrative duties
Posted By Dr. Vijay Rai
Posted On 17-05-2007

The hospital administration should not delegate its administrative powers/authority to someone who is not a regular officer or in other words who is not a 'line functionary' of that institution. An ad-hoc employee can not be held responsible for an advice or any act of omission and commission about administrative functions unless it is a part of his/her terms of appointment. Nevertheless, MS is free to designate any administrative function to any one knowing that he is solely responsible. Have you ever heard of an ad-hoc IAS officer or ad-hoc DANICS Officer?

Posted By Dr. ChanderKant
Posted On 14-05-2007


Posted By Admin
Posted On 09-05-2007

Dear Avinash,

We have already written to the Govt. to have a timely extension for submission of options and link it to the outcome of report of the committee of GNCTD and notification of terms and conditions of DHS. Govt. is not averse to our suggestion but decision making there takes time.

The option business is between the GNCTD and the member concerned. Legality comes if one impinges on the right of others. For example, it is our right to know the conditons of service before opting for it. Since there is merit in our request and correctness in our methods that the Govt. is talking and listening to us. Our members have to just stand by what they believe. We will discuss this in GBM on 12-5-07 at 2 PM at IMA.


Posted By Admin
Posted On 09-05-2007

We are contstrained to delete the views of Dr. Ashok Gupta for expressing views that are derogatory to another member. There is not need for him to be the judge on another colleague. This forum is not to settle scores and cause aspersion on others. The move to restrict the promotion of all doctors (MO, specialist and teachers) to NFSG level in the cabinet note is the result of one group of doctors making unqualified observations representation against others in private before the bureaucrats. Time has come to think differently and not like a frog in the well. All great doctors should compare their career earnings and promotions vis-a-vis other group 'A' services.

Posted By Avinash
Posted On 07-05-2007

Dear Dr.Rai,


15th May is fast approaching: the official deadline for exercising the option.

It was conveyed to everybody after the last GBM of DADWA, that we should refrain from giving the option till RR's of the proposed DHS cadre are formed.

As per the info on your website, the committees have also been constituted  & steady progress has been made in this direction since then. But, as the things stand today, the RR's may not be ready till probabby 4-5 months form now ( I may be wrong in my assessment of time frame). Now, kindly clarify the following:

1. "LEGALLY SPEAKING", is it not mandatory to exercise the option before the stipulated date of 15th May? Because, there has been no  Notice from the Govt so far intimating people about the extension of the last date. In the absence of such notice, the last date of 15th May holds legally.

2. As per the conditions clearly laid out in the advertisement, if we don't exercise the option by the stipulated date, will it not mean that we have AUTOMATICALLY opted out of DHS / decided to "revert back" to CHS , which exactly the case may not be with many of us?

3. I strongly feel that DADWA should request & urge the Govt.of NCTD to issue an Notice /  Circular/Advt. before 13th May(Saturday) in the leading Newspares mentioning that the "LAST DATE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TILL FURTHER NOTICE", so that the confusion still prevaing is sorted out.

4. What is the "sactity" / "validity" of RR's till they are notified ? The procedure of "NOTIFICATION" itself ,as we've gathered, normally takes almost a year. Kindly clarify.

5. Many of us would like to opt for DHS only, but exercising the option without RR's?????

Sir, please ensure that a copy of "Notified" RR's is available to one & all ,at least 2 weeks prior to the last date.

A lot more to write. Shall do it subsequently.

Posted By Admin
Posted On 06-05-2007
Comments Dear rinci, Please note that CHS is one single cadre and there are no separate cadres for MO's or Specialists. These are however called sub-cadres of CHS cadre and were created in 1982 apparently to tide over the problem of extremely low promotional avenues in CHS. Each of the sub-cadres fought separately to argue that their need for promotion is more than their colleagues. When this happened, I was not there but I wish the leadership of that time (headed by late Prof. HK Chutani of GB Pant hospital) would have had a broader view and argued for a cadre like Army Medical Corpse where all types of doctors co-exist without any problems. DG of AMC (DGAFMS) has a lot of say in cadre management. Compare this with CHS where powers of DGHS to transfer doctors under him was withdrawn and has been restored only recently. Time has come to have a holistic view of the problem and learn from the past. I strongly feel that as doctors we should be an integral part of cadre management process so that we have do not have to fight each time. --- Secretary DADWA
Posted By rincy
Posted On 05-05-2007
Comments In my view, existing seperate cadre for MO and Specialist is very good. If MO are made specialist ,condition of the hospital will be misreable.
Posted By Admin
Posted On 03-05-2007

Note is taken of the suggestions of Dr. Mahajan and forwarded to the committee of DADWA on the subject. Besides adding in the views section of our webiste, members are requested to send such suggestions by email as well to

-Secretary DADWA

Posted By DR Neerja Varshney
Posted On 02-05-2007
Comments I fully agree with the views of Dr Mahajan ,we medical officers with PG qualification are sidelined in day day to working even after putting in 20 years of service,now a new trend has started in some delhi hospitals, contract specialists have been made HOD'S. We should work towards unified cadre.
Posted By Dr Sanjiv Mahajan
Posted On 02-05-2007
Comments I submit the following suggestions for incorporation in the service conditions of DHS :

1.Benefit of post graduation to the Medical Officers: At present doctors with PG qualification selected as Medical Officers do not get any benefit except Rs 500 as PG allowance. Even though the CHS rules state that doctors with PG qualification will be given 3-4 years of benefit in experience while being selected for SMO & CMO, no such provision exists during promotion. Therefore, MO, SMO & CMO with PG qualification should be given promotion 3 years earlier.In many state cadres, this provision exists.


2.Medical Officers as Specialists: When Delhi govt advertised for contract specialists, many MO with PG qualification applied for it.But they were prevented from appearing on the pretext that those were only contract posts.Principle of natural justice demands that if these contract posts are now regularised then all MO with PG should also be given specialist status simultaneously.


3.End of phoney divisions: There should be a unified cadre of specialists & MO. While there is shortage of specialists in Delhi govt, many MO with specialist qualification are working outside their area of expertise.Even RAILWAYS  has a unified cadre and all MO with specialist qualifications work as specialists.


4.Teaching Experience: The present rules specifically state that teaching experience in the post of Medical Officer will not be considered while applying for teaching posts. It should be considered if such an experience is obtained in a teaching hospital.


5.Study Leave: Study Leave should be of three years.


Posted By Admin
Posted On 01-05-2007
Comments EFFECT ON PENSION : I feel that if rules of DHS allow absorption of CHS Officers after transfer then there would be no effect on the pension. But if CHS Officers are appointed to the DHS then there would be change in pension rules. But we would discuss this at DADWA level before taking it as agenda in the committee. -- Dr. Vijay Rai
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Posted On 29-04-2007
Comments what is the stand of dadwa on pension status in DHS?
Posted By Admin
Posted On 18-04-2007
Comments DADWA has formed a 5-member group to study the CHS Rules so as to assist the committee to be constituted by GNCTD to formulate the rules of Delhi Health Service. Members are President Dr. Amareshwar; Chairman Steering Committee Dr. Chander Kant; Joint Secretary Dr. S. Chakravorty and Dr. N.V. Kamat, member Steering Committee DADWA Members are requested to send their views and suggest names and contact numbers of those who can contribute significantly to the exercise. --- Secretary DADWA

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