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Posted On 16-08-2015
Comments Dr. Mathew, Please also let us know as to how the CSLP got admitted in the first place. did you association not try to block it?
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Posted On 16-08-2015
Comments Dear Dr. Mathew, I congratulate you for your fight. Cases are getting delayed in Supreme Court as disposal rate is slow due to shortage of judges. The problem has arisen after the supreme court decided to give priority to cases that involve life and liberty. The service matters are getting delayed due to this and this injustice of sort is continuing. Please let me know who filed the SLP: Your association or the Govt.?
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Posted On 16-08-2015
Comments After the Delhi High Court decided the case about NFU till HAG in our favor, it was expected that the MOHFW would implement it. But the Ministry thought it otherwise and decided to file an SLP against the judgment of Delhi High court. DADWA filed a caveat in Supreme Court. Finally the Supreme court dismissed the SLP and now DADWA has filed a contempt petition in Delhi High Court against the MOHFW to ensure that the benefits accrue to all CHS Officers even those who have retired. We still hope that MOHFW would rise to the occasion and implement this benefit granted by 6th PC instead of making it a prestige issue.
Posted By Dr.Mathew
Posted On 08-04-2015
Comments Dear Sir, We are doctors association from Kalpakkam,TN and have been fighting for DACP since the last 8 years.Our case never comes up for hearing in SC .We have won in CAT and High Court and the case is unedr stay in SC for last 4 years in SC.It is never heard or listed.Our lawyer says he is helpless but we feel there is manipulation in listing.Is there anyone who can guide us.This case is going to benefit more than 600 doctors across India.
Posted By Dr. Deepak Gupta
Posted On 28-12-2014
Comments Dear sir, Please let me know what is the progress after the Delhi High Court judgment regarding NFU to HAG. Do you feel that the Government will still not grant it to doctors in government service?
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Posted On 17-11-2014
Comments Thanks Dr. Bajaj and congratulations to you and all those who would shortly have the honor of being a Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) Officer! You along with several others of your batch would be one of the leading luminaries who would march as HAG officers followed by your junior officers. This would also herald a rationalization due to which all officers of CHS/DHS would have better career earnings. You have lost several years before you got it but our younger brethren would surely benefit more by not losing any financial benefit. But the fight may not yet be over. Government might approach the Supreme Court with SLP for which we now are readying to file a Caveat. Wish us luck. Regards, Dr. Vijay Rai Secretary DADWA
Posted By skbajaj
Posted On 12-11-2014
Comments Delhi High court judgement available on net. link is
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Posted On 02-11-2014
Comments Thanks Dr. Somorendra Singh for your encouragement. There is a possibility that the GOI may not give us the benefits of HAG straightaway and instead try to drag us to Supreme Court. We are ready to file a Caveat to tackle this eventuality. We have other important issues like delay in other time bound promotions at various levels. Come out and join the struggle. -Secretary DADWA
Posted By Dr L SomorendraSingh
Posted On 13-10-2014
Comments Congratulations DADWA and team who fought for HAG at Delhi High Court. Please upload the court ruling.
Posted By S K VERMA
Posted On 10-01-2014
Comments Thanks a lot for uploading judgement.apart from parity with IAS pay scales ( 2 year more service clause) there is MACP order by which we can get HAG scale. In my whole life I have not got any benefit of ACP or DACP or MACP.All the promotions i got was vacancy based. How sad is it.
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Posted On 05-01-2014
Comments Dear Dr. Verma, Sorry for the delay in posting the CAT judgement about our HAG case. Our website had the restriction not to load a file for more than 5 MB. The judgement was about 7 MB and it needed to make some back-end changes to be able to do so. We hope you would excuse us for the delay. -Secretary DADWA
Posted By S K VERMA
Posted On 21-11-2013
Comments Judgement not available in downloada. please upload first,
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Posted On 20-10-2013
Comments Please send your views on Judgement Dt. 4-10-13 of Honorable CAT in HAG Case. The judgement is available in the download section of this website

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