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Posted By admin
Posted On 25-08-2016
Comments Thanks Dr. Naresh for the kind words. We are trying to be the torch bearers in these tough times with lots of confusion and fear in the minds of our members. But this is the time they should all stand up and fight for their rights. The youngsters seem to be watching the developments from a distance. We need lots of them to get involved in seeking the benefits of service as one of the best among group A services that they rightfully deserve ...
Posted By d k dewan
Posted On 12-06-2016
Comments Finally the MOHFW has decided enhancing retirement age...dadwa should surely seek CHS/DHS to offer suitable placements to those willing retired doctors between 60-65 to work again till 65 yr at consolidated financial package that equals the last drawn salary minus the pension....i am sure this way many will come back without imposing any extra burden on the government...they should be treated also as being in regular service rather than contractual one....
Posted By Dr Naresh Goel
Posted On 28-05-2016
Comments Dear Vijay. Your long and continuous efforts have finally yielded desired results by bringing respect and honour to whole medical community. Keep it up
Posted By d k dewan
Posted On 27-04-2014
Comments In continuation to my earlier comments...the Asha Agarawl Vs Union of India case in High court ( after its defeat in CATS) clearly gave a verdict in favor of GDMOs by the Honbale court which relied heavily on the GOI high powered report as well as its submission that this issue has been included in 6th Pay Commission ..the Honble court clearly summed up the verdict hoping that justice would be accorded to the GDMOs by the 6th pay commission DADWA failed at that time to file contempt against the GOI in that very court which had certainly gone into the whole depth of this issue in its entirety....thus a golden opportunity was lost because DADWA at that time got too engaged in stopping the regularization of Contract doctors on one or the other pretexts over the last 6-7 years... important issues for the whole cadre were thus sidelined due to unnecessary politicization of contractual doctors issue then and it is that again which is primarily on the minds of the powers in DADWA..
Posted By d k dewan
Posted On 26-04-2014
Comments The notice board dated 14th April gives nothing worthwhile except rhetoric of a trade union language...the organization of DADWA lost on time since 2008 when the subcadres of specialists & teaching were accorded longer retirement age... even the mentioned meeting with Secy health got diluted with so many issues that retirement age got lost in between... hopeless situation...i am sorry for being harsh but factually correct
Posted By Dr Naresh Goel
Posted On 28-05-2013
Comments Congratulations to Dadwa for taking up the case of retirement age..please show the contents ifossible. I can get it examined by senior learned lawyers at no cost. It is a serious matter and any lapse will be detrimental

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