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Posted By Admin
Posted On 18-08-2013
Comments We have taken note of the suggestion of Dr. Nikhil and Dr. Ramesh Kr. and will act at an appropriate time. Meanwhile our members who work around the parliament may try to impress the MP's about this line. Associations should do their bit as well. Secretary DADWA
Posted By Ramesh Kr.
Posted On 18-08-2013
Comments Dr. Nikhil's suggestion is very valid. NPA has to be realistic and meaningful to be called as NPA. Next pay commission might be declared by the UPA Govt. before it demits office. All associations should make a strong case for it. But bureaucracy is not going to agree as they are already sore because doctors are getting more pay than IAS.
Posted By Dr. Sanjay Pandey
Posted On 07-07-2013
Comments I think there is no justification of NPA just allow private practise similar to Mumbai, Gujrat and many south indian states. In this open market economy what is the role of NPA? What everbody does after 4 PM? Go home and sleep or watch television. Its better to work and earn.
Posted On 25-02-2013

Sir, NPA for doctors of CHS has not been increased despite many representation to the 6th CPC. Although there was proposal to enhance it beforehand from the existing 25%. Javed Chaudhury Committe constituted by MOHFW also recomended increase of NPA to 30% of basic pay but that was also not materilized. Some state govt. like West Bengal is paying NPA @ 30% of the basic pay since 2009. At this juncture DADWA and AIGDMO should demand for enhancement to 50% of the basic pay.

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