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Posted By Dr. Rajesh Kr.
Posted On 25-08-2014
Comments Sir, I am a CHS officer who opted DHS. Can CHS severe my ties without informing me and even though I had given option to Delhi Govt. and not to the CHS. I am yet to get confirmation that I am absorbed in DHS.
Posted By Dr. S. Malviya
Posted On 25-08-2014
Comments Sir, I have been in CHS and given option for DHS but I wish to take back my option Can I do it? How?6v6k0
Posted By Renu Pawar
Posted On 04-03-2012
Comments Can MOHFW remove me from CHS without giving me a notice? What are my rights as a CHS Officer?
Posted By Admin
Posted On 10-02-2012
Comments Dear Dr. Sanjiv Mahajan, We could not locate the order dated 2-1-12 of the MOHFW regarding severing of ties with CHS on the website of MOHFW GOI. We would however try to put a scanned copy of the same on this website in a few days if space is not a constraint. -Secretary DADWA
Posted By Dr Sanjiv Mahajan
Posted On 03-02-2012
Comments Please post the official order/ link regarding severing of the ties.
Posted By Admin
Posted On 02-02-2012
Comments Dear Dr. Sangita Basu, By 3-2-12, two draft letters will be available in the download section of this website for use by members like you. All those affected should clarify as to whether or not did they severe their ties with CHS. Secretary DADWA
Posted By Dr.Sangeeta Basu
Posted On 14-01-2012
Comments Dear Sir, Today I receivesd a copy of a letter from ministry stating that my name is in the list of officers whose ties with CHS has been severed wef october 2010.Though I had given my conditional option for DHS but Delhi cadre is yet to be formed. So we should not be decadered from CHS till Delhi state health cadre is formed. Please guide as to what is to be done now so that we remain in CHS list till delhi health cadre is formed formally

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