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News Details >> CAT Rules in favour of CHS Doctors!

DADWA has been pursuing OA No.1169/2010 in CAT filed by JACSDO challenging the decision of the MOHFW not to include CHS for benefit of promotion till HAG level. Hon'ble CAT on 11-11-10 has come out with its judgment that was reserved on 22-10-2010. The judgment is available for you in the download section of this website. Please go through and give your comments in our views section. We had reported earlier that MOHFW with the help of a letter from DOPT had decided not to include CHS Officers for promotion up to HAG. Hon'ble CAT has quashed that letter and thus given hope to thousands of CHS doctors to fulfill their dream to get a realistic chance to be able to reach the scale of Additional Secretary and Secretary to Govt. of India.

Posted On: 17-11-2010